Video of the lodge

Please take a few minutes to watch that VIDEO.

There are a lot of hotels and guesthouses in French Polynesia and the choice can be difficult: the aim of that video is to help you to feel if Pension Bounty is what you are looking for.

It has been made on the spur of the moment by one of our guest. On purpose the video has been made in a very “amateur ” way. There has been absolutly no preparation of the facilities (no additional flowers, decoration, special cleaning or anything else to embellish or hide something) or rehearsal from the “actors ” ! ! !

You’ll see by yourself ! ! !

We have chosen to keep it that way in order to help you, our guest, to really get the true feeling of the place you might be about to book. We even think and sincerely hope that during your stay you will be surprised by how more comfortable is our pension in reallity in comparison to what it looks like on the video.

About the beach: it is situated at exactly 100 meters from Pension Bounty. On that video it looks like it is at its worst.


  • the fisher boats are not always at that spot
  • several times during the year we got some heavy swells. At that moment the water from the lagoon is higher and after that when the water is receding there are two different results: or we get more sand than broken coral or the other way around, there is neither season nor rule about that !

It might be difficult to understand the huge and complex differences between a pension and a big resort and even more difficult between the different pensions in French Polynesia. Sure enough going from a Bora Bora 4 Stars Hotel to a simple pension even well kept is a huge step and you have to be prepared to accept it !

I hope that very simple video will help you to make up your mind and that if you decide to book at Pension Bounty your stay among us lives up to your expectations.

Muriel and Alain, Bounty Pension’s owners