Fauna et Flora

French Polynesia is indeed an exuberant paradise, and its emblem is the Tiara flower. You will also contemplate the hibiscus, the lobster-claws flowers or the delicate torch ginger flowers. The famous orchid will delight your sight as well as your taste (its most tasty ambassador is vanilla !). As of trees, asides from the coconut tree largely present, Tahiti offers the conditions for the development of bougainvillea and the less known frangipani tree.

Regarding fauna, it is useless to say that it is breath taking. Thousands of people from all over the world come here to admire the marine life in the lagoons. On the land – or should we say up in the air – hundreds of bird species have decided to enjoy the softness of the trade winds. 

But without any doubt, the marina life will catch all of your attention. With sharks, manta rays, dolphins, whales and turtles, French Polynesia is a number one destination for divers. After seeing the coral reef and the numerous fish species with surprising colors you will understand why Tahiti is often compared to paradise. You have read it, now it’s time to live it !