Diving in Rangiora

All divers who have come here will tell you that French Polynesia is a unique destination for diving. How to resist to the beauty of the lagoons of blue water and more than 800 marine species such as fish, sharks and manta rays?
If you are a beginner or an experienced diver, everyone has a Rangiroa diving site. Most of these sites are located on the Iles Sous Le Vent and Tuamotu islands and they will take your breath away and leave you imperishable memories of the marine channel of Rangiroa, Mahili and Tileau which offer the most incredible excursions. For the adventurers, between September and November, the less known Austral Islands offers the possibility to encounter the humpback whales.

Various diving clubs in Rangiroa can guarantee you security and strong sensations. In order to facilitate your trip to the different sites, some clubs offer the possibility to pick you up in your hotel.

Once there, the various teams of professionals welcome you before you equip for your aquatic safari.

With all-year diving thanks to Rangiroa’s exceptional warm sub-tropical weather, it is understandable that divers from all around the world come here to be dazzled by the sea life. For beginners, no panic! Numerous introduction formulas can allow you to enjoy immersion. You will then be able to join the big family of divers that discovered the turquoise waters of French Polynesia.

list of RANGIROA DIVING clubs :

  • The Raie Manta Club since 1985. Naturalist Guides
  • The Six Passengers : beautiful brand new facility, dynamic team
  • Top Dive : specialist Nitrox
  • Rangiroa Plongée : convivial atmosphere
  • Y aka Plongée