Habits and Customs

With an exceptional sense of hospitality, Tahitians welcome visitors with the famous Tiara flower necklace. You will discover during your journey in Polynesia the Tahitians excellent mood. Asides from their exquisite and diversified gastronomy, Polynesians will enchant you with their music which is strongly linked to their culture. Sport is also very important for Polynesians, which are fond of pirogue races and surfing. 

Finally, we cannot forget to mention the dance, heritage of an ancestral culture. Each event has its own choreography, the Tamure being the most famous along with the ote’a, the aparima, the pao’a and the hivinau. In order to appreciate these dances, do not miss the Heiva festival in July.

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You cannot speak of Polynesian traditions without mentioning the tattoos. It is most important to understand their meaning to appreciate their true beauty! Before the arrival of the Europeans, Polynesians did not write their language, and the tattoos became their way to express personality and identity. Hierarchy, genealogy and sexual maturity where written on the skin of Tahitians. 

Forbidden for a long time after the arrival of the first missionaries and later on forgotten, Polynesian tattoo had its comeback in the 80’s. Today, popular tattoos are the direct heritage of this Polynesian art, where Tahitians express their creative spirit.