Your journey in Polynesia cannot be complete without exploring the Rangiroa seabed wich makes this Atoll a first-choice destination for diving lovers. This atoll of the Tuamotu Archipelago offers incredible excursions such as meeting with pelagic fish, manta rays, hammerheads, grey sharks, silvertip and blacktip sharks, giant trevallys, dolphins, turtles and much more!

These famous diving sites also include some sea channel where the exhilarating sea bottom is highly appreciated by divers. Discover the intense sea life in Avatoru and Tiputa and explore the aquatic routes where the fish travel between the lagoon and the ocean.

Amongst the choice of activities offered for your stay in Polynesia, you can enjoy snorkeling (with a simple diving mask and snorkel, you can admire one of the most beautiful and natural aquariums in the world), you can also enjoy fly-fishing or sea hunting.Discover the incredible dolphin life with a specialist from the Dolphin Watch Eco Tour and be dazzled by the Tahitian sight as you visit pearl farm.

Numerous excursions upon request

Asides from all this, a large number of excursions by request are available. On a day, discover the blue lagoon (a lagoon in the lagoon and its Bird Island), the reef island (eroded coral formation) or the pink sands and crystal clear water that invite you to dive in.

Completely handled by service providers, these extraordinary journeys are punctuated with moments for relaxing and a traditional picnic served over plaited coconut palm leaves, in order to feel more in touch with Polynesia.

These are all-day excursions including a traditional picnic served on woven coconut palm fronds : marinated fish, coconut bread …